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Hello 6S just did this to introduce myself. Im 13 turning 14 tommorow and im from Jamaica.Im a very cool minded person and a very friendly person.I have quite a lot of experience with all cars on LFS. I usually try to drive FZ5 XRT FXO LX6 and XFR on TC just to master these cars. I used to drive on cargame.nl and im so sad its gone now. I had a good experience with GTR cars and OP cars especially BF1 FO8 FZR and XRR. My best cars are XRT and FXO. I am considered medium speed with most people and getting better. [RDSR] Tezz: Medium, but getting better. I should say that if i were invited to a TC affillate team i would most likell want it from 6S or even GLOW.Anyway its nice to meet most of 6S already and I hope I have a good stay here Big Grin
Welcome to our forum.
Hello and welcome Smile
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Welcome on our forums. Smile
glow is lyf
(26-07-2016, 04:18 PM)CyanKill Wrote: [ -> ]or even GLOW

Thomas you know what to do, it's obvious which he prefers Tongue
hi welcome to 6S forum Wink
Aren't you in [TFL]? Anyway welcome to our forum.
Thank you all Big Grin.

(26-07-2016, 07:03 PM)Yukine Wrote: [ -> ][Image: a842fe9163.jpg]

Welcome on our forums. Smile