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Screenshots - Some1 - 13-03-2016

A place to post your screenshots in, edited or not, anything goes

A few to start it off
[Image: lOBG2od.jpg]
[Image: K8xQ1UI.jpg]
[Image: UCqIXMQ.jpg]
[Image: eBsA0mL.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - Titan - 18-03-2016

[Image: lfs_00000005.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - Titan - 08-04-2016

[Image: lfs_00000008.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - Yukine - 15-04-2016

What happens when Titan takes you to an off-path area? Massive fps drop and massive rear end. Sad

[Image: 1460735260-2016-04-15-15-52-25-784.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - Spark - 24-04-2016

Invited 6S on my server, this happened.. Big Grin

[Image: I8vUKLB.jpg]

[Image: gH51Cbl.jpg]

I may or may not like it tho.. Big Grin

RE: Screenshots - Spark - 24-04-2016

That's an understatement.. Big Grin

RE: Screenshots - Some1 - 24-04-2016

Looks sorta like a frog Tongue

RE: Screenshots - Yukine - 25-04-2016

Looks awesome. ;-)

RE: Screenshots - JorgenGTR - 26-04-2016

Pretty nice graphics Iacob, certainly you should install some new  DDS textures if you want to improve your gaming quality experience.

Meanwhile, I started testing and mixing new textures.

Previews :  

[Image: fP3LhKF.jpg][Image: UI9yj5G.jpg][Image: OpCaJpd.jpg][Image: edJGZeK.jpg][Image: IRy2Vmz.jpg][Image: cYmBaWb.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - Spark - 26-04-2016

That looks sweeeeeet! Smile