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i have moooore Wink

[Image: Hlava.jpg][Image: moc.jpg][Image: moc_aut.jpg][Image: trafic_stop.jpg][Image: z_auta.jpg]
[Image: 6_S_RAC_fxomaly.jpg]

[Image: lfs_00000009.jpg]

[Image: jDbL3sI.png]


It seems that I finished my skin for now. It took me more than eight hours to find the paint I like! http://puu.sh/pfoMj/27fea3853e.png

[Image: 1464970188-lfs-00004803.jpg]
[Image: e89ec5b592.jpg]

Sunset and post-processing.. <3
[Image: 27698747406_444e8e19f6_c.jpg]
lfs_00004820 by Bruno Girod, sur Flickr
[Image: 27658054701_ccc1e90d02_c.jpg]
lfs_00004819 by Bruno Girod, sur Flickr
I hope to be able to change this glowing color to a furious red.

nice Smile

[Image: jDbL3sI.png]


Oh my... <3

Raw screen time. Big Grin
Under 5 mins I managed to get hit by four people. Even with that, it was a fun chase with Renegade and Bryan!
[Image: 1466374241-2016-06-20-00-04-19-874.jpg]

nice long chase but renegade is not fast cop Smile

[Image: jDbL3sI.png]


Cruising with Jacob, the LX4 is furious, considering it's power. Shame that I wasn't able to stay on the server at the moment.

[Image: 27667631850_702ac66fd8_c.jpg]
lfs_00004853 by Bruno Girod, sur Flickr
[Image: 27333803073_f6746540ed_c.jpg]
lfs_00004857 by Bruno Girod, sur Flickr
[Image: 27333803223_29e31b38b9_c.jpg]
lfs_00004856 by Bruno Girod, sur Flickr
[Image: 27333803143_8fababd84a_c.jpg]
lfs_00004849 by Bruno Girod, sur Flickr
[Image: e89ec5b592.jpg]

[Image: 27948669391_6182da975a_c.jpg]
lfs_00004861 by Bruno Girod, sur Flickr
[Image: 28026362795_34b870ec95_c.jpg]
lfs_00004862 by Bruno Girod, sur Flickr
[Image: e89ec5b592.jpg]

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