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Full Version: Just a big hi :)
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hello all i am ROBO  Angel some of you may know me others may not i am glad to be here. i love to drive, and my main aspiratio is to be the best i can be and try bring back times of old. If there is anything you want to know pls just comment ill be more than happy to help Tongue
hi mate Smile

6S will definitely help you on the way .. you can write to anyone ... on the server you will always find someone; )
Hi all just a better hello to all new members and existing i know a lot of you some i dont but look forward to seeing you all on the server and driving with you when you have the time. Im not the fastest but i like to drive and want to learn always and im a old fart now so needs to be refreshed a lot ty all ........ ROBO
Hello Robo, Welcome to 6S forum! Smile
hi , robo ..

old fart ? lol im old yes Wink
Hey guys just ROBO here saying hello and im glad to be back on the servers and see so many of you active again good luck to you all <3
Welcome back on our 6Speed Forum ROBO !

We hope you enjoy your stay!  Smile

I moved all posts related to your 2 previous User Introduction.
Welcome Back!!!
Hellooo my buddy!!