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The steering column of the team. They are the first port of call when an issue arises and once the team has spoken it is the team leaders job to make leadership decisions that represent the needs of the team.

On top of this, leaders organize and manage the forums, and keep everything up to date for the members. They carry out most of the administrative work.

[Image: isonline.Tommyii] [6S] LeCat (Tommyii) [Image: se.png]


The Gearbox of the team, these members are currently providing some extended work of the leadership, meaning they are checking up on the Recruits and also they keep the team running while the Leaders are unavailable

[Image: isonline.shadowfast] [6S] Hakou (shadowfast) [Image: fr.png]


The driving force of the team, our members hold the team together and have some very strong talents.

They are responsible for making sure the leaders make informed choices. Our members are responsible for choosing who is invited into the team as a recruit by judging their driving abilities and reporting back to the leaders. They are also responsible for deciding who becomes a full member after the recruitment period.

Our members also sometimes contribute to the team in different ways, producing works such as Skins and mods, and sharing their cool things with us. Some team members also volunteer to help the Leaders in their duties carrying out administrative work.

[Image: isonline.MaGiC DuB] [6S] MaGiC (MaGiC DuB) [Image: eg.png]

[Image: isonline.drifter59ru] [6S] GASS (drifter59ru) [Image: ru.png]

[Image: isonline.atsvetkov] [6S] StimoroL (atsvetkov) [Image: ru.png]

[Image: isonline.schassis] [6S] Mark (schassis) [Image: ee.png]

[Image: isonline.Emrehanuzer] [6S] Emre (Emrehanuzer) [Image: tr.png]

[Image: isonline.sergey29] [6S] Angel (sergey29) [Image: hu.png]

[Image: isonline.zsocus] [6S] Babszem (zsocus) [Image: hu.png]

[Image: isonline.IraqiBoy] [6S] Iraqiboy (IraqiBoy) [Image: iq.png]

[Image: isonline.weitz1991] [6S] RusTic (weitz1991) [Image: de.png]

[Image: isonline.ahmetfurkancakir43] [6S] Mheta (ahmetfurkancakir43) [Image: tr.png]

[Image: isonline.Seal..] [6S] Jacob (Seal..) [Image: cz.png]

[Image: isonline.ripstie] [6S] RipstiE (ripstie) [Image: cz.png]

[Image: isonline.enesaky1] [6S] Dymz (enesaky1) [Image: tr.png]

[Image: isonline.sametttpe] [6S] Samet (sametttpe) [Image: tr.png]


Our recruits are friends who we have invited to join the family. They are special because we are very rigorous in choosing whom we invite. Over a period of two weeks they are tasked with putting on their best performance on the servers to our members, to show us that they are truly ready to hold the 6Speed tag.

[Image: isonline.szymon3211] [6S] Hamster (szymon3211) [Image: pl.png]

Currently Inactive

[Image: isonline.LosTonny] [6S] LosTonny (LosTonny) [Image: dk.png]

[Image: isonline.Mstkn] [6S] Mstkn (Mstkn) [Image: sa.png]

[Image: isonline.razrulz1234] [6S] Razz (razrulz1234) [Image: gb.png]

[Image: isonline.Mufflord] [6S] Mufflord (Mufflord) [Image: se.png]

[Image: isonline.cooling] [6S] Trinax (cooling) [Image: se.png]


[Image: isonline.viper_fifer] Viper (viper_fifer) [Image: gb.png]

[Image: isonline.NoYPiDRiFTER] KennyAE86 (NoYPiDRiFTER) [Image: us.png]

[Image: isonline.Hexta_GT] Hexta (Hexta_GT) [Image: gb.png]

[Image: isonline.rh-rob] FordST (rh-rob) [Image: gb.png]

[Image: isonline.tommer] Tommer (tommer) [Image: nl.png]

[Image: isonline.Scotland] Ross (Scotland) [Image: gb.png]

[Image: isonline.B!ll [cz]] B!ll (B!ll [cz]) [Image: cz.png]

[Image: isonline.CRC Titan2000] Titan (CRC Titan2000) [Image: de.png]

[Image: isonline.Verke] Petsu (Verke) [Image: fi.png]

[Image: isonline.Some0ne] Some0ne (Some0ne) [Image: de.png]

[Image: isonline.vilix] vilix (Vilix) [Image: nl.png]