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Hello! - 01alperen001 - Agony - 28-01-2024

Hello friends, first of all hello to everyone my name is Ali and I am 18 years old. I love playing computer games. I am interested in cars and I always prioritize driving them professionally. I like group trips and tours with vehicles.

I have been a member of TC citydriving servers since 2022, but I have been active every day since the last 6-7 months.

I joined the CSR team to make friends and ride together.

RE: Hello! - 01alperen001 - Hamster - 28-01-2024

Hello [CSR] Agony,
welcome on our 6Speed Team forum!  Cool

RE: Hello! - 01alperen001 - Jacob - 29-01-2024

Hello :-) welcome. You chose one of the best teams on TC (6S num.1 ofc). Enjoy your ride :-)

RE: Hello! - 01alperen001 - Hakou - 29-01-2024

Hello! welcome CSR friend Smile