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Hello - Sakowskyy - Sakowskyy - 28-01-2024

Hello, my name is Bartek, known as a Sako.
I am 20 yo motorsport passionate. My love to racing games reaches early 2008 year, when by brother got himself a PS2 console with a Need For Speed Underground 2. What a lovely game Wink
In 2009, I got a sterring wheel from my uncle with a demo version of Live For Speed, since then my love to LFS started. I have been playing demo version for about 10 years. When i bought my first 900 degree sterring wheel, I saw a video on youtube called Cop Life by SeanProd. I immediately bought a S3 license and joined TC. To this day, I drove 39500 kilometers and have played for about 39700 minutes.  In my career, I have been in one team called Street Team internation with Yasen, Bombata and few other gentlemans. When I joined Polish TC Discord server, i started to play 5x times more. I got to know Ponczek and my darling Hamster (Hamster if you read this, I love you <3). I have dreamed to drive along Hamster in one team since we met first time and when he sent a message that You guys need a new member, I decided to register on your forum and now you are reading this. ;Wink  

I am also a proud owner of Honda Civic 7 gen Sport <3  Hamster saw, not kidding Smile

RE: Hello - Sakowskyy - Hamster - 28-01-2024

Welcome / Witamy!  Blush

Siema! It's nice to see you here dear Sako, yeah, everything you wrote is true, I can confirm that  Angel

Welcome on our forum!  Big Grin Heart